Student Budget Advisory Committee

The Student Budget Advisory Committee is a student government committee that acts separately to the legislature and is responsible for allocating funds to all chartered student organizations and monitoring the way those funds are spent.

Committee members are not required to attend the General Assemblies. The Student Government Treasurer acts as the Chairman of this committee in which there are eight members in total. Required members include: one elected freshman representative, one elected sophomore, one elected junior, one elected senior, and one elected Chairman (the Treasurer). The last three members are appointed by the SG President following the recommendations of the SBAC Chairman (Treasurer) after an application process.

SBAC’s Role  

The university provides approximately $600,000 each year to cover the annual budgets and operating expenses of all the chartered clubs and student groups on campus. SBAC allocations of funds for the following year are determined in a hearing around February.

Money that is not spent each year does not roll over for student organizations in the next year, but is rather absorbed back into the capital funding process that occurs at the end of each fiscal year.

The SBAC’s job is to make sure the money is handed out in the proportions that will allow as many activities to successfully happen on campus. So, in its allocation process it will take into account the successes and failures of each group’s activities. Further it takes size, program reports, activities in and around campus, growth and fundraising into account.