Student Organizations Judicial Assembly and the Elections Commission

The Student Government Judicial Branch is comprised of two bodies: the Student Organizations Judicial Assembly and the Elections Commission. Formed in the 2022-2023 school year, the Judicial Branch helps to ensure the constitutionality of the organization and facilitate the Student Government elections processes.

Student Organizations Judicial Assembly (SOJA)

The responsibilities of SOJA shall be to hear and decide all cases arising under the Student Government Constitution or Bylaws, cases regarding inter-organizational disputes, cases of impeachment, appeals to decisions of the Elections Commission, and all cases in which jurisdiction has been granted based on a standard of the preponderance of the evidence.

SOJA is led by a Chief Justice alongside four Associate Justices and serve on a calendar year schedule from April to April. The Chief Justice is confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate, and must not be concurrently serving as Senator or any other position in Student Government.

SOJA was formed under Student Government Bill No. 2 and can be viewed here.

The Assembly

Aman Khemlani, Chief Justice

Connor Deir, Chief Justice Pro Tempore

Jeffery Ayako, Associate Justice

Samantha Briggs, Associate Justice

Georgia Cowie, Associate Justice

The Elections Commission

The Elections Commission is an established independent agency of Student Government as the primary arbitrator of the student body elections. They have original jurisdiction to pursue all matters related to elections such as certifying petitions, enforcing and investigating violations of regulations, and reviewing and publishing all the rules, regulations, and procedures in campaigns. The commission is led by the Chair of the Commission who is appointed by the President of Student Government and confirmed by two-thirds of the senate.

The Elections Commission was formed under Student Government Bill No. 1 and can be viewed here.