What is SBAC?

The Student Budget Advisory Committee, known as SBAC, is an independent branch of Student Government. Throughout the year, SBAC is charged with allocating operating budgets for all chartered student organizations and overseeing the way these funds are spent. To this end, the Committee hears and votes on funding requests weekly, in addition to operating budget requests in the Spring semester. 

SBAC is chaired by the Student Government Treasurer and is comprised of a voting body of representatives who are appointed through an application process each year. This process is overseen by the outgoing and incoming Student Government Treasurers. 

Importantly, Representatives on the Committee are not required to attend General Assembly meetings of the Wake Forest Student Government. Because of this, the Student Government Treasurer serves as the link between the General Assembly and SBAC.

Structure of SBAC

The Student Government Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Student Budget Advisory Committee. In this capacity, they are responsible for overseeing all meetings, managing votes on funding, and serving as a link between SBAC and the General Assembly.

Each year, the Chair selects two already appointed Representatives of SBAC to serve as Co-Chairs for the academic year. These Co-Chairs are responsible for aiding the Chair in their duties and may serve as the Chair sees fit.

Tim Erday, Treasurer & Chair of SBAC erdate20@wfu.edu
Co-Chairs Cobey Ledford & Zach Roth ledfca20@wfu.edu, rothzn20@wfu.edu

Each year, representatives are appointed through an application process overseen by the outgoing and incoming Student Government Treasurers. Representatives are responsible for hearing and voting on funding requests each week, in addition to serving as the primary point of contact for their assigned organizations.

Abigail Stubelis, Alex Keefe, Alisa Zhu, Aman Khemlani, Arman Bozkurt, Brooks Davidson, Caroline Thummel, Cole Bergman, Drew Pierce, Drew Rakers, Hasan Pyarali, Jack Smartt, Jaden Drudge, Maureen Murray, Melissa Carver, Michael Burstein, Parker Courts, Payton Hoffman, Pierce Sandlin, PJ Balfour, Sarah Horn, Savant Patel, Ted Moore, Wyatt Strassmann, Zac Contreras

Capital, Contingency, and Reallocation

Capital, contingency, and reallocation funding requests are heard and voted on by the Student Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC), chaired by the Student Government Treasurer. All requests must be in accordance with SBAC funding guidelines which can be found on the Treasurer’s Portal, and all funding decisions made by the Committee are final. 

Frequently Asked Questions