The Constitution

“Wake Forest University is firmly committed to principles of honor and ethical conduct. The Honor Code embodies a spirit of trust that pervades all aspects of student life.”

— Article IV, Student Government Constitution

The Constitution of the Wake Forest University Student Government is the central document that holds the institution to its promise of representative government. It protects the rights of the student and provides a structure of governance.

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The By-Laws of the Legislature

“Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the official source of information when questions occur during the meeting…”

— Article VI, Section 1, Legislature By-Laws

The By-Laws are rules that act as the governing authority of the Senate. They outline the composition of the organization and its officers, and establish a system of procedures.

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The Statutes

“Campaigns shall be conducted in a competitive but fair and honest spirit under the honor system.”

— Section 3, Statutes

Similar to the By-Laws, the Statutes act as an authority over procedures not exclusive to the Senate. This includes elections, impeachment of the Executive, and replacement.

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