Accepting 2017-18 Cabinet Applications

A Co-Chair position is one that holds a large amount of responsibility in Student Government. You will be responsible for delegating a wide majority of tasks to your committee members, while staying on top of reporting your progress to the rest of Cabinet and Exec. A high standard is set for these positions, one in which you must be able to operate independently of your co-chair at times and closely together at others. You must have superior organizational skills, as well as a strong leadership style that will enable your committee members to be empowered by you and the work accomplished by your committee.

Cabinet meets every week in addition to committee meetings/Senate on Tuesdays and you are expected to be available for this meeting. Cabinet will most likely be held Sundays at 8:00pm; your individual committee meetings will be held on any day between Wednesday and Friday.

To be considered, submit an application by 11:59 PM on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

Questions? Contact Parth Vaidya:

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