Chartering Process

New Groups

Chartered organizations within the Wake Forest Community are those which have been officially recognized by the Student Life Committee. Recognition is granted on the basis of a prospective organization’s purposes and perceived ability to serve the interests of the academic community in a manner consistent with the University’s educational purposes, as practiced in the spirit of Pro Humanitate. In addition, the prospective organization’s recognition is contingent upon its ability to fulfill a unique role in campus co-curricular life. Continuation of recognition is dependent upon fulfilling and sustaining organizational and University purposes, in compliance with University policies. Further, recognition does not imply that the University endorses the practices, viewpoints or activities of an organization, nor does the University assume legal responsibility for the actions of such organizations or their members which are in violation of University policies.

Looking to start a group?

Do you have…

  1. Membership? New organizations require a minimum membership of 10 undergraduates.
  2. An advisor? It can be any full-time member of the WFU faculty or Staff.
  3. Leadership? A good Executive Board will consist of several officers, but at a minimum we require a President and a Treasurer.
  4. A constitution?
  5. A set of by-laws?

Chartering takes place on a semester-long timeline. Reach out to Erinn Forbes ( in the Office of Student Engagement to be included in next semester’s chartering process.

Review the chartering process on the Student Engagement website so you know what to expect.

Please contact the Student Government co-chairs of this committee, Amber Adkins ( or Rory Britt ( if you have any questions.