Capital, Contingency, and Reallocation Requests

All funding requests are reviewed and approved or denied by the Student Government Treasurer and the Student Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC). All requests must be in accordance with SBAC funding guidelines. 

For further information about SBAC guidelines, please visit the Treasurer’s Portal on The Link. Click here to view it. 

Contingency Requests:

An organization is eligible to apply for contingency funding for events that were not funded during the annual budget process. Newly chartered student organizations may apply for contingency funding. Other examples are events, speakers, club sports regional and national competitions, etc. that were not able to be planned in advance of the annual budget cycle.

Capital Requests:

An organization is eligible to apply for capital funding for one-time expenditures that are not operational in nature. They are intended for the improvement of student organizations. These items must stay with the organization and school. Examples are sports equipment, team uniforms, electronic equipment, banners, etc.

Where are the forms for contingency, capital, and reallocation requests?

These can be found on the Treasurer’s Portal on The Link. All treasurers and presidents are required to be members of this page. Click here to view it.