On October 26th, 2021, Wake Forest Student Government officially passed Senate Resolution 7 to form the Sexual Assault Prevention, Support, and Accountability Executive Advisory Committee (SAPSA). With the formation of this committee, a hand selected team nominated by President Susan Wente and former Student Body President Ally Swartzberg, would start working towards addressing sexual assualt and sexual misconduct and creating a safer Wake Forest Community. 

In spring semester of 2022, the SAPSA Committee began working with an outside vendor, NORC, to create a Campus Climate Survey to contextualize students’ experiences, thoughts, and perspectives to be heard by administrators while maintaining the safety of students by the anonymous responses. The responses that the University will be receiving soon, will be used to effect real change on campus through education based interventions, new policies, programming, and more.  

In the meantime, our committee, which consists of students involved in organizations all across campus, are working alongside the Office of Wellbeing, Title IX Office, the Women’s Center, and many others to create much needed mass change outside of the Campus Climate Survey. The creativity, excitement, and passion of the SAPSA Committee members is already astonishing, and we cannot wait to see all that will be accomplished.