About Student Government

Since 1923, we have been rooted in the history of Wake Forest’s development as a world-class institution. Our organization has come to demonstrate committed student leadership in our community.

Your Student Government

“…duly enrolled members of the undergraduate student body of Wake Forest University shall be citizens of the Student Government…”

-Wake Forest Student Government Constitution

From its inception, SG has come to signify the pinnacle of student leadership. Individuals seeking to take an active interest in the happenings of the University have often found SG as the medium for their success. Student Government has been central in several of the major changes that have made Wake Forest the entity it is. SG was a leader in the movement to integrate the school–an accomplishment finally achieved after an affirmative vote of the Senate led the faculty and the Board of Trustees to act. More recently, SG has been successful in securing expanded on-campus housing for students in a rather controversial action that saw North Campus Apartments refurbished from faculty residences to fit the needs of an evolving campus.

Student Government works with a semi-presidential system. Four executive officers (Student Body President, Speaker of the House, Secretary & Treasurer) are elected each spring. The President appoints a Chief of Staff to aid in the of affairs of the organization. These five executive officers then coordinate with the Cabinet–a collection of the co-chairs of each of the six standing committees. The Exec & Cabinet in turn work closely with members of the Senate to pass legislation and advocate on behalf of Wake Forest students. The Student Trustee is an ex-officio member of Student Government and acts as a liaison between the Board of Trustees and SG. Our structure differs from that of a Student Government Association because it has no formal ties to the North Carolina state government.

Celebrating its 90th year, Student Government has experienced a resurgence in the eyes of the student body. The organization is dependent upon committed leadership and prides itself on being in touch with the pulse of the campus happenings and student well-being.